Stepping Back

Since the earthquake that shook Haiti in January 2010, we at the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund have worked hard to identify and support organizations promoting job growth and smart, sustainable economic development. Ultimately, our work was to support the Haitian people's efforts to rebuild their own country. Having served as a bridge from post-disaster relief to longer-term reconstruction, we are stepping back, empowering Haiti to chart its own successful future.

Beginning December 7, the Fund is no longer accepting donations or new project proposals, in preparation for winding down on December 31. We continue to put the $54.4 million we have already raised to work in Haiti.

Longer-term reconstruction will be continued by the Haitians themselves. We are proud to have directed your generosity toward helping Haiti move from its aid-dependent past to a more hopeful, private sector-driven future, empowering the Haitian people to chart their own course.

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