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August 30, 2011

Providing Small & Growing Businesses with Access to Financing & Business Services

Fund Amount: $1,080,000 Grant

Above, construction continues at the GaMa factory,
using its own steel-frame manufacturing.

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Since the earthquake, the housing market in Haiti has become the biggest sector of its economy, and its construction capacity is limited. GaMa Entreprises, a Haitian company has developed a steel-frame housing program and entered this market to help quickly and efficiently bring safe and affordable housing to the country.

Program Updates

The Clinton Bush Haiti Fund awarded $1.09 million in traditional and recoverable grants to GaMa Entreprises in support of its "KayTek" program (“housing technology” in Creole). KayTek provides a variety of solutions for residential housing, schools, health care clinics, and other institutions. KayTek also helps to develop the Haitian construction sector by training Haitian engineers and promoting entrepreneurship, all while addressing the immediate need for housing.

The program allows buyers to choose their preferred, ready-made design from GaMa’s selection of building kits. GaMa manufactures these kits at its plant in Port-au-Prince, where it sells other competitively priced building materials. Customers can choose from GaMa’s network of building teams for construction.

By using steel-frame based technology, KayTek gives more Haitians access to homes. This solution speeds the building process and brings down the cost of construction.

Why We Invested in GaMa

Clinton Bush Haiti Fund's grant to GaMa reflects our commitment to supporting Haitian businesses and entrepreneurs, as well as our focus on longer-term reconstruction by training Haitians, promoting job creation, and building up the construction sector. 

Transforming Lives and Livelihoods

  • Make homes safe and affordable for low-income Haitians by using steel frame housing to reduce the cost and time of housing construction.
  • Create a replicable franchise model for accessible housing.
  • Help Haiti build back better by training 200 Haitians on construction and entrepreneurship.
  • Support the work of an award-winning Haitian entrepreneur, philanthropist, and GaMa CEO, Mathias Pierre.

About GaMa

GaMa Entreprises S.A. is an incorporated Haitian company, founded in 2003 by Haitian entrepreneur Mathias Pierre. The company provides technology services through GaMa consulting, and is branching into a second division, the KayTek housing solutions program.

Mathias Pierre has received accolades in both national and international media for his successes as a young Haitian entrepreneur. He recounts and reflects on his story in his 2011 book, The Power of a Dream. He also established the Etre Ayisyen Foundation, whose mission is to promote the success of Haitian youths and develop young entrepreneurs.

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