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January 7, 2011

Providing Small & Growing Businesses with Access to Financing & Business Services

Fund Amount: $174,832

Meet artisans in Jacmel.

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Fairwinds Trading, partnering with Clinton Bush Haiti Fund grantee Aid to Artisans, implemented the second phase of a sales and marketing campaign for local artisans. This effort built upon the momentum of a large order from Macy’s for its Heart of Haiti collection. The expanded program worked with artisan efforts in three additional communities and increased employment opportunities for Haitians — particularly women. To view Macy's Heart of Haiti products, visit

With funding from the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund and in-kind services from Fairwinds Trading, the loan sustained the employment of 400 artisans and artisan managers and provided secondary employment for 195 additional individuals. Follow-up orders from Macy’s provided income for more than 4,500 individuals.

Why We Invested in Fairwinds Trading

Clinton Bush Haiti Fund's loan to Fairwinds Trading reflects our commitment to supporting small and growing businesses and promoting jobs — especially for women.

Transforming Lives and Livelihoods

With support from the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund, Fairwinds Trading:

  • Grew Haitian handicraft sales in the U.S. with more than $900,000 in retail orders.
  • Develped products for sale in additional retail outlets.
  • Continuously expanded by building upon current marketing efforts in communities outside of Port-au-Prince.
  • Increased sustained employment for women in the artisan sector by 33% in targeted communities.

About Fairwinds Trading Company

Fairwinds Trading is a for-profit company that uses business as a strategy for economic empowerment in the developing world. In addition to being a woman-owned firm, Fairwinds Trading chooses to focus on women as evidence demonstrates that raising the standard of living for women has the greatest positive multiplier effect within families, communities, and cultures. Fairwinds Trading’s philosophy and business model embodies a new paradigm for global economic empowerment. It recognizes that compassionate aid needed in moments of crisis becomes culturally destructive if continued too long. Fairwinds Trading exemplifies how cross-cultural business partnerships, rooted in mutual learning and growth, can bring sustainable economic power to women around the world.

Fairwinds’ buyer network has included Macy’s, Anthropologie, and Starbucks. Fairwinds Trading opened US markets to thousands of artisans and entrepreneurs from the developing world, while introducing high-value, culturally expressive products to millions of Americans. Through its history of success with artisan products from developing nations, Fairwinds has demonstrated that collections such as Heart of Haiti at Macy's can generate jobs and social benefits in a manner that is both sustainable and profitable.

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