Sakapfet (What's Happening)

Now, having served as a bridge from post-disaster relief to longer-term reconstruction, the Fund has stepped back, empowering Haiti to chart its own successful future.

The Clinton Bush Haiti Fund Commits Its Remaining Funds

Final grants promote economic opportunity as Haitians transition to long-term reconstruction.

Progress Continues as the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund Steps Back

Root Capital CEO Willy Foote thanks the Fund for "serving as a catalyst, for helping build Haitian agriculture that empowers small-scale farmers and is truly sustainable in the long-term."

Executive Message

We have used these generous donations to help Haitians transform their own country. In the immediate aftermath of the earthquake, the Fund supported emergency needs. We then transitioned to promoting smart, sustainable economic development.

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Watch our video to see how your donations are helping Haiti chart its own bright future.