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Kids in Haiti

How did the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund help kids in Haiti?

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Hey Kids, Learn About Haiti

How We Helped Haiti

How did two former presidents come together
in the aftermath of the Haitian earthquake to make a difference?

How did they help teachers and students, parents and children in Haiti?

How Did the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund Help?

Kids’ Questions

Right after the earthquake, kids from across the United States wrote letters asking the best questions and making creative comments.

Are you curious? Find out -- what were kids' most frequently asked questions and comments?

Kids "Asked Gary" the best questions

5th graders commented in Skype interview

Haiti’s History & More

Learn all about Haiti. The more you know, the stronger your voice will be.

What is Haiti's History?

Learn about earthquakes.

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Books on Haiti

Read 10-year-old Harrison's interview with author Edwidge Danticat on her book, Eight Days.

Eight Days tells the story of Junior, a seven-year-old boy trapped beneath his house after the earthquake, and his joyous rescue.

Check out the interview and Haiti book list